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PDF Troubleshoot

If you've landed on this page, that means you've ordered our CLP PDFs, so thank you! 

If you're having trouble getting your stickers to line up, don't worry - we've basically become printer whisperers over the past few years, so I'm sure this FAQ will help you fix your printer problem. 

My stickers won't line up - help!

Open your print settings and make sure that: 

  1. 'Print To Scale' is UN-ticked
  2. That your scale % is set to 100%

This fixes most lineup issues, first time! 

Stickers still not lining up? 😑

Check that no options such as “Ignore Printer Settings” or “Use Default/Driver Settings” are selected. These ignore any specific print settings you select and use the default settings stored in the printer driver instead (which may not be the ones you need).

Going through the "will they ever line up?!?" phase? 😒

We recommend you check that you have ordered the correct PDF from our store - we offer PDFs in 45mm, 63mm and 88mm. 

If all else fails?

Contact your printer provider! Printers can be temperamental, and they may need a software update or helping hand from your printing company. 

Please see below for the most popular supplier help pages: